Can’t Play It without You, Mr. Okuzawa ― 1 Piano Room ―(『奥澤さん、弾けないの 1 ─ ピアノルーム ─』英語版)

『Can’t Play It without You, Mr. Okuzawa ― 1 Piano Room ―』乃村寧音・著


出版社:株式会社 大航海
※1 1頁25行でレイアウトした場合のおよその頁数です。



“Sorry. As I told you about my sex drive, it is a kind of abnormal I like to play. Why don’t you leave it to me today?” Yurika, who is 38 years old and single, is a classical pianist living in Paris. When I returned to Japan after a long absence, my schedule was packed with recitals and open classes at music colleges in Japan, and a big “event” awaited me at the end. I practiced playing the piano in the piano room of the luxury hotel. I could not concentrate on the practice, then I strolled around an underground arcade of this hotel. While wandering around the shops, a young man, Yoshiki, caught my eyes. He really looked like Mr. Okuzawa, an older and special person, whom I had an intimate relationship long time ago. This hotel was the place full of Mr. Okuzawa’s memories. The sweet and sour memories made my heart ache. I got a reason why I could not play the piano just while ago. I decided to pick him up, and then stroked and licked around his cock, inserted my tongue into the glans to scrape precum. Can’t stop being kinky as my favorite hobby.
The act of her horny story is about to start!!

Translator: Beautiful detective, Kyouko
A twenty-three years old female detective who is asked to rescue Mrs. Shizuko, a kidnapped wife of Takayoshi Toyama, a leader of the Toyama Zaibatsu (financial clique). Kyouko is an expert of Karate, wearing flashy skirts. She has a tatoo of cherry blossom on her arm in order to sneak into…
Playing the piano, reading books, aromatic scent are the things she loves to spend her pastime. Studied at a famous university in West Coast, U.S. Handles four languages. One of the heroines from Dan Oniroku’s immortal masterpiece “Flower and Snake”. Japan’s proudest gifted well-rounded sex symbol of both literature and martial arts, who has emerged from the world of literature.


乃村寧音(のむらねおん) ─ チアーヌ名義で、主にロマンス小説で活躍。メディアファクトリーフルール新人賞佳作受賞。某音大の声楽学科卒。男女を問わない性愛表現に挑戦の意欲が湧き、ELへも越境。期待の女流作家。

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